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Earthen Floors

Earthen Floors

A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice

For most of human history, people have lived in durable, comfortable buildings made from natural materials such as soil, sand, rocks and fiber. All …

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Leila Darwish, Earth Repair at Banyen Books

How can we, the grassroots, work with the power of living systems to truly heal and transform toxic and damaged landscapes into thriving, healthy, …

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Market Gardening Workshops with Jean-Martin Fortier


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Catch the Fire with Training Events from PYE Global!


Creative Facilitation 1: Owen Sound, Ontario
 Information and Apply – coming soon
 When: Mon & Tue April 14-15
 Where: Owen Sound, Ontario, …

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Compassion and Hunting: How can killing for food be something healthy?

by: Sara on 03/31/2014
Posted in: Guest Posts

We are excited to announce the publication of Miles Olson's, the author of Unlearn, Rewild, second book, The …

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