Our Catalog


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Celebrating the “New Normal”

The past few years have been undeniably turbulent. As we strive to adapt to social, political and economic transformation, the only constant is change. Our list this season will help you dig in for the long haul with an unbeatable collection of life-enhancing tools for an ever-evolving world.

Our lead title, Digital Detox, is designed to help you step back and invite intentionality and mindfulness back into your daily life. This new found sense of balance and discipline will help you build resilience for the road ahead.

Enhance your health, and improve your diet with the great practical guides we have on offer, such as Conceiving Healthy Babies, Why I Walk, and Eat Your Greens. Increase your food security by indulging in a little Mycelial Mayhem, and empower your community with Seed Libraries and Common Threads. The hands-on trend continues with Green Home Building and the all-new, long-awaited Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook—resources geared to save you money while helping you make sustainable living a reality.

For plenty of food for thought, explore the challenge of societal adaptation to climate change with Resilient Agriculture. Then bring it all back to the local level and embrace a new paradigm with The Emergent Agriculture. Nurture, support and energize your inner activist with Coming Back to Life and Educating for Action.

With all this inspiration and creativity at your fingertips, the future is brighter than you think!