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Compassion and Hunting: How can killing for food be something healthy?

by: Sara on 03/31/2014
Posted in: Guest Posts

We are excited to announce the publication of Miles Olson's, the author of Unlearn, Rewild, second book, The Compassionate Hunter's Guidebook, Hunting from the Heart.

The book not only addresses the “how-to” with detailed instruction on how to approach, harvest, process, preserve and prepare animals for food in a responsible, reverent and …

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Lights Out - Earth Hour March 29th 8:30 - 9:30 Local Time

by: EJ on 03/28/2014
Posted in: Events

Vancouver hands over its Earth Hour crown to Cape Town, South Africa.  This article comes to us courtesy of the World  Wide Fund for Wildlife, posted March 28th.

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From Commune to Ecovillage- an inside look of the world’s best known intentional community

by: Sara on 03/27/2014
Posted in: Community

In late 1960s San Francisco, the colorful and celebrated counterculture icon, Stephen Gaskin set in a motion a chain of events that would lead to one of the most dynamic social experiments of modern time.

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Rewild Your Life 30 Day Nature Challenge

by: Sara on 03/25/2014
Posted in: Events

One day last June I picked my son up from afterschool care to take him to the second of his twice-weekly karate classes. He was tired and hungry and didn’t feel like going, but I insisted . I had decided that it was important that he finish what he starts, and that it was equally important to teach him that sometimes we have to do things even …

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Making Better Buildings - Possibly the Most Valuable Natural Building Book Ever

by: EJ on 03/24/2014
Posted in: New Books
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What kind of person builds a 1400 lb straw bale demonstration wall and then …

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