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Exploding the Shale Gas Myth

by: EJ on 07/05/2013

Bill Powers was interviewed on the Canadian television show, Business News Network on June 25th about the myth of North America's shale gas supply.  Power's recently released book Cold Hungry and in the Dark shatters the conventionally held belief that North America is at the dawn of a new era of energy abundance thanks to shale gas resource …

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What the Frack - Exploding the Myth of the Natural Gas "100-year Supply"

by: Sara on 02/25/2013

The mainstream media has told us that natural gas will be cheap and plentiful for decades, when nothing can be further from the truth. In today's post we hear from Bill Powers the author of the forthcoming expose, Cold, Hungry and in the Dark, Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth as he lays out how the natural gas industry's inability to balance …

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It is Up to Us to Make a Stand and the Time is Now!

by: Sara on 01/24/2013

Today's blog post comes from our very own Publishing Assistant, Customer Service, and Office Manager extraordinaire Jean Wyenberg. Jean made the following presentation at the Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project as a member of the local Gabriola organization the Positive Energy Quilters.The full list of presentations can be …

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If the US had 100 Million New Farmers, You Would Meet Them Everywhere

by: EJ on 07/20/2012

In their book, A Nation of Farmers:Defeating the Food Crisis on American Soil, Sharon  Astyk and Aaron Newton tell us that the United States needs 100 million new farmers in order to ensure a food secure future.  Imagine what that would be like, you would meet farmers everywhere - on the street, at work, on the bus, at the doctors or even on a …

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Wishing you a Happy Solstice and a Peaceful and Joyful New Year

by: EJ on 12/20/2011

New Society author Guy Dauncey posted this video on  twitter yesterday (@GuyDauncey) and I thought it was an appropriate year end message from New Society Publishers.


I have to say that I enjoy this version of Handel’s Messiah as much as anyone but this song, and a few things I have been reading lately, have me thinking: Is pointing the …

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