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Senior Cohousing Workshop – How you can get involved in building supportive neighborhoods for seniors

by: Sara on 08/12/2014

Join Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant, authors of The Senior Cohousing Handbook and Creating Cohousng, for five days of hands-on learning with the world’s premiere experts in creating cohousing.

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How are you celebrating National Farmers Market Week 2014?

by: Alina on 07/31/2014

It goes without saying that we are always celebrating our local farmers and our local farmers markets. But with everything that farmers markets give us, they definitely deserve at least a week of national recognition and celebration.

We've paired up with Slow Food USA and Meatless Monday to bring you an amazing amount of information and an amazing …

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New Society Publisher's Summer Reading Sale!

by: Alina on 07/16/2014
Posted in: Community , Events

There’s nothing better than a day in the sun, lathered up in all-natural sunscreen, freshly-picked blackberries to munch on and lovely thoughts to whisk the time away. But wait! NewSociety Publishers can raise that one better! Picture exactly that, but with a good read at your side. A read that you saved 30% on.

New Society Publishers is offering …

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My Favorite Bookstore - Even Though I Have Never Been There

by: EJ on 06/23/2014
Posted in: Events

Robert Sindelar, managing partner of Third Place Books in Seattle decided to get creative about the whole Hachette versus Amazon standoff. In an article published June 20th in the New York Times, Sindelar explained how, as a person dedicated to linking readers and books, he found Amazon's hard nosed approach unpleasant.  With Amazon blocking …

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We want to hear about your favorite bookstore

by: Sara on 06/12/2014
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The smell, the touch, the sound, the sight, the taste…okay, maybe I got carried away with that last one, but there is something to be said for handling a book, new or old--from the anticipation created by a great cover, to the creak of the spine to the smell of the pages. And what better place to indulge the senses than surrounded by hundreds …

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