Erica Etelson, Book Event, Feb. 20th, Berkeley, CA

Erica Etelson will be reading from her timely book, Beyond Contempt: How Liberals can Communicate Across the Great Divide.

February 20th, 7:00 PM
Books Inc.
1491 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709


Liberal contempt for Trump supporters is exacerbating the political and cultural rift tearing America apart. Beyond Contempt shows progressives how to communicate respectfully and effectively across the great political divide, defusing hostility, building trust, and, just maybe, discovering common ground.

Erica Etelson is a writer, community activist, and certified Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ facilitator. A former human rights attorney, she has advocated in support of welfare recipients, prisoners, indigenous peoples, immigrants, and environmental activists. She has also organized for clean, community-owned energy as a solution to the climate crisis. Following the 2016 election, Etelson became active in the resistance movement and in red-blue dialogue initiatives.  Her articles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, San Jose Mercury News, Truthout and Alternet. She lives with her husband and son in Berkeley, California

"Whether you're debating a talk show host, co-worker, or "Fox addicted" Uncle Ralph at Thanksgiving, this book will teach you how to reach people's minds and hearts without wounding them in ways that produce the opposite result you wanted. Brilliant!!"
 â€” Thom Hartmann, NY Times bestselling author and America's #1 progressive talk show host

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San Francisco, CA