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How to shop for V.A.L.U.E. in ethical fashion

by: Sara on 10/28/2015

Shop better and feel better about what you put on your body, from head to toe! Today Kate Black, the author of Magnifeco: Your Head-to-toe Guide to Ethical Fashion and Non-toxic Beauty offers some simple tips on how to shop ethically while reevaluating what we consider "value" for our money.

When shopping ethically, things often cost more. Most of …

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21 Days of Gratitude with Author Andrés Edwards

by: EJ on 10/26/2015
Posted in: Guest Posts

Today's post comes to us from Andrés Edwards, author of the newly released The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring Ecological Balance from the Inside Out. Andrés invites us to join him in a 21-Day Challenge to practise more gratitude in our lives starting November 3rd and finishing just before American Thanksgiving. Small consistent actions …

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Is Eating an Act of Violence?

by: EJ on 10/22/2015
Posted in: Activism

Violence, what it is and how it occurs, is a central theme of Mark Boyle's new book, Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi.  His book intends to take you on a troubling journey from what you understand violence to be now, down a "wild, untrodden path that our dominant culture has hoped you would never tread."

In Chapter One, "The Pacifist's Guide …

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Ethical Meat: Oxymoron or a step towards a resilient food system?

by: Sara on 10/20/2015


Ethical meat, some may argue the term is an oxymoron. How can one possibly take the life of another being and consider it ethical? Raising livestock is considered a major threat to the environment with approximately 285 million tons of meat produced annually, using up precious resources like water, land, grains and contributing to climate change …

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