Our Blog | November 2010

The Dirty Secret of Declining Global Coal Supplies

by: Heather on 11/30/2010
Posted in: Peak Oil

The most recent edition of the respected science journal Nature contemplates the end of cheap coal with an analysis of the decline of global coal supplies by Post Carbon Institute Fellows David Fridley and Richard Heinberg. Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world's leading peak oil educators and an effective communicator of the urgent need …

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Winter Harvest Cookbook Celebration Potluck

by: EJ on 11/26/2010
Posted in: Cooking

Twice a year, the staff at New Society gathers for what we call our “covers meeting”. This is when the editorial committee presents the books for the upcoming season. Our cover designer collects her courage and hops on a seaplane and we all have a great time brainstorming cover ideas and possible changes to titles and subtitles. It is always …

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It's Easy Being Green - Publishers Weekly

by: EJ on 11/25/2010
Posted in: Reviews

New Society Publishers was featured in Publishers Weekly's green issue this past week. The article includes selected reading in the "green" genre as well as conversations with leading green publishers.

Publisher Judith Plant sums up our work saying, "We provide tools to activists and to engage activists in solutions. There is a growing audience for …

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Canadian Senate Kills Climate Bill

by: EJ on 11/19/2010
Posted in: Climate Change

As most of you already know, the Harper government in Canada made an unprecedented move this Wednesday when it voted to defeat the Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) before the bill was even debated. Bill C-311 had already passed through the House of Commons to the Senate in the spring of last year. The government-appointed senators …

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Cat Litter and Other Ethical Dilemmas

by: EJ on 11/17/2010
Posted in: Sustainable Living

When I lived in Australia, I experienced some criticism about the level of my environmental commitment because I was a cat owner. Cats in Australia are in part responsible for the devastation of various tiny and not so tiny marvelous marsupials and reptiles. Owning a cat seriously eroded my credibility as a deep green environmentalist.

Now that I …

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