Our Blog | November 2012

Winter Cornfields: A Sanctuary for Birds and Bugs!

by: EJ on 11/29/2012
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Cooking up a Story has put together two excellent videos featuring Anthony Boutard, author of Beautiful Corn: America's Original Grain from Seed to Plate.  Cooking up a Story is an on-line TV show about food and sustainability founded in 2006.  Their shows are filmed on location and the subjects speak for themselves on everything from how to can …

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Saving Energy – and Money – in Your Home

by: EJ on 11/28/2012
Posted in: New Books

“The wonderful thing about saving energy is that, in addition to helping the environment, you save money.” This quote from the newly released 10th Edition of the best-selling Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings by Jennifer Thorne Amann, Alex Wilson and Katie Ackerly says it all.  Every kilowatt-hour of electricity you avoid using is money in …

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It’s the end of the world as we know it…or is it?

by: Sara on 11/28/2012
Posted in: Activism

With the turn of the Mayan calendar fast approaching there is much speculation about what this means for humankind and the planet we inhabit. Theories range from this being the end of the world (and if this is the case, well, there isn’t much to prepare for…keep your loved ones close and throw a party) to radically disrupted climate and …

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Looking for Something Good to Eat on Thanksgiving?

by: EJ on 11/19/2012
Posted in: Food

I have been quite impressed over the last few days with the number of e-newsletters I have been receiving about Thanksgiving, local food and the environment. My favourite so far has come from The Daily GOOD.

They have created an infographic on how to have a 100-Mile Thanksgiving.   This means using ingredients sourced from within 100 miles of your …

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We are Living the New Economy Next Week!

by: EJ on 11/16/2012
Posted in: Author Events

New Society Publishers will be Living the New Economy, November 19-25th at Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.  For seven days, we will be sharing ideas with the people, institutions and collaborators that are bringing the New Economy to life.

Organized by the Healing Cities Institute, this event is bringing together entrepreneurs, First Nations …

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