Our Blog | December 2010

Happy Holidays!

by: Heather on 12/23/2010
Posted in: Events

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you. We will be offline (and therefore uncharacteristically quiet) enjoying a much-needed break until the New Year. We'll see you back here in January, when we'll be gearing up for an exciting 2011 with lots of fantastic new books and some exciting projects, including a spiffy new website that we can't wait …

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Reflections on Austerity

by: Heather on 12/20/2010
Posted in: Activism

Merriam-Webster has just named "austerity" its Word of the Year for 2010. The term was looked up more than a quarter of a million times on the dictionary's free online search engine, most likely in connection with increased coverage of the global debt crisis.

As interesting as this is, it's worth remembering that austerity need not always have a …

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Standing Up for the CBC

by: Heather on 12/15/2010
Posted in: Activism

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is a non-partisan organization dedicated to "the preservation and promotion of Canadian culture and identity on radio and television". Recently the organization blew the whistle on Dean Del Maestro, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, who made the suggestion that "maybe it is time we …

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Media Soup

by: Heather on 12/13/2010
Posted in: Parenting

Sometimes you see something that strikes you are being so very, very wrong that it's hard to even know where to begin. That's pretty much how I felt when I came across this gem of an article on Science Daily - Improving Children's Diets Using Behavior Change Video Games Shows Promise. Yes, you did read that right. Alarmed by dramatic increases in …

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WikiLeaks and Hacktivism

by: Heather on 12/09/2010
Posted in: Activism

We're sure that many of you are as saturated as you want to be with the ongoing saga of WikiLeaks and the associated cyber-uprising aimed at protecting freedom of speech. With that in mind, we'll keep our reflections short and to the point.

The DDOS attacks coordinated by Anonymous and Operation Payback are a fascinating evolution of activism. In …

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