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Santa Lives - In the Joy, Wonder and the Spirit of Giving

by: Sara on 12/19/2013
Posted in: Guest Posts

Today's blog post generously comes to us from Wendy Brown, the author of Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs and Browsing Nature's Aisles. I say generously, because she saw my post on Facebook lamenting about having to write one more blog before the holidays with a sick child at home and no clear ideas. And Wendy just said, "Need a guest …

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Guest Post - Paul Kivel - Christian Holiday Cycle

by: EJ on 12/13/2013
Posted in: Guest Posts

Similar to St. Valentine’s Day and Halloween, Christmas began as a thinly veiled attempt to place a Christian overlay on Winter Solstice celebrations common throughout the Roman Empire. Christmas has a checkered history and was never a particularly spiritual holiday. The noisy and festive celebrations brought over from England by non-Puritan …

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Tar Sands Rhyme Ads

by: Sara on 12/04/2013
Posted in: Activism

The Prince Rupert Environmental Society along with Saveourskeenasalmon.org have brought together over 100 volunteers to create the book The Salmon Recipes, Stories of our North Coast Cuisine. The Salmon Recipes invites you to a sumptuous, visual feast drawn from the culinary practices and rich experience of the people of the North Coast, woven …

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Holiday Specials

by: EJ on 12/03/2013
Posted in: Events

It's snowing!  Okay, maybe not where you live.  And to be truthful, when you are able to count individual flakes it is pretty pathetic but snow on the West coast is something to get

excited about no matter the amount. This means it is officially winter - and time for our holiday specials for …

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