Our Blog | February 2013

Plowing with Pigs is Here!

by: EJ on 02/27/2013
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Plowing with Pigs and Other Creative, Low-Budget Homesteading Solutions, by Oscar H. Will III and Karen K. Will, is now off press.  This dynamic homesteading duo runs Prairie Turnip Farm in Osage County, Kansas.  Oscar Will is editor-in-chief of Grit Magazine, and is a farmer, scientist, and author, known for seeking and implementing creative …

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What the Frack - Exploding the Myth of the Natural Gas "100-year Supply"

by: Sara on 02/25/2013

The mainstream media has told us that natural gas will be cheap and plentiful for decades, when nothing can be further from the truth. In today's post we hear from Bill Powers the author of the forthcoming expose, Cold, Hungry and in the Dark, Exploding the Natural Gas Supply Myth as he lays out how the natural gas industry's inability to balance …

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A Glimpse into the Life of a Market Farm

by: Sara on 02/22/2013
Posted in: Gardening

Today's blog post comes from Pam Dawling, the author of the recently released Sustainable Market Farming, Intensive Vegetable Production on a Few Acres. Pam is also a contributing editor at Growing for Market magazine and has been farming as a member of Twin Oaks Community in central Virgina for over 20 years.

Now the writing of Sustainable Market …

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Gabriola Food Forum

by: Sara on 02/19/2013
Posted in: Food

Today's blog post comes from New Society Publishers office maven Jean Wyenberg. This past weekend Jean attended the Food Forum here on our home turf of Gabriola Island and shares with us the many delights of the day.


Painting by Sheila Norgate of rescue chicken …

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Sierra Club to President Obama, "We've Got Your Back"

by: EJ on 02/15/2013
Posted in: Activism

The Sierra Club is 120 years old.  Founded by environmental giants, John Muir, Joseph LeConte, J. Henry Senger, Warren Olney and others it was incorporated in 1892.  The Sierra Club's purpose was  "to explore, enjoy, and render accessible the mountain regions of the Pacific Coast; to publish authentic information concerning them," and "to enlist …

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