Our Blog | March 2009

Parenting for a Peaceful World

by: Heather on 03/31/2009
Posted in: New Books

I probably shouldn't say this, but parenting books do not usually excite me. I can usually see the value in their strategies, but all too often they come off as preachy and over-bearing, or they make me feel inadequate and guilty. Secretly I am convinced that the compromises I made when my kids were young and I was an overworked and overstressed …

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Education Stimulus Package Versus State Cuts in Education

by: EJ on 03/27/2009
Posted in: Education

With the first round of money allocated to the American education stimulus package due to arrive on the doorsteps of state and local schools any day, squabbles erupt as to the best use of this money. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan addressed the concern of misuse of funds in a recent interview with Education Week.

The American Recovery and …

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Private Power Protest in BC

by: Heather on 03/26/2009
Posted in: Activism

10,000 Voices for BC Rivers is calling for a moratorium on new power generation projects in BC until they meet all four of the following criteria:

  • regionally planned
  • environmentally appropriate
  • acceptable to First Nations
  • publicly owned

Their goal is to persuade a minimum of 10,000 British Columbians to speak out for green power and BC …

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Power from the Wind

by: Heather on 03/25/2009
Posted in: New Books

Dan Chiras is one of the most well-respected, authoritative and prolific writers in the fields of renewable energy and green building. In Power From the Wind: Achieving Energy Independence he teams up with wind energy experts Mick Sagrillo and Ian Woofenden to deliver an accessible, practical and easy to understand guide for individuals and …

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Mark Anielski Counsels Victims of Madoff Scam

by: Heather on 03/24/2009

Mark Anielski, author of the award-winning The Economics of Happiness, has been meeting with victims of Bernard Madoff, who has been convicted of one of the largest investment frauds in history. According to The Tyee, Mark recently met with members of an advocacy group made up of Madoff investors to "talk about how [they] can move past the …

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