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Guest Post - Mallory McDuff - Winning the Real Life Version of "The Hunger Games"

by: EJ on 03/26/2012
Posted in: Food

In Mallory McDuff's recently released book, Sacred Acts: How Churches are Working to Protect Earth's Climate, stories from across North America explain how honoring the Creator means protecting the planet.  In this article originally published in The Citizen TimesMallory draws a comparison between "The Hunger Games" movie which was filmed in …

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Guest Post - Lyle Estill - Mother Earth News Fair

by: EJ on 03/23/2012
Posted in: Events

This guest post from Lyle Estill, author of Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future, was posted on Mother Earth News Fair March 19th and is reprinted here with permission.

Tonight my son Arlo and I finished his “solar powered dehydrator.” He cleaned up the shop and got the unit ready for display, while I walked up to the …

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Bob Willard's "The Sustainability Advantage" Best of the Best

by: EJ on 03/19/2012
Posted in: Awards

Bob Willard, author of the newly released The New Sustainability Advantage: Seven Business Case Benefits of a Triple Bottom Line - Tenth Anniversary Edition, has a lot to celebrate.  Last fall, he was inducted into the Sustainability Professionals Hall of Fame.  Now, his company, The Sustainability Advantage, has been listed in the top 10% of more …

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Canada’s Food Policy Needs More than Just Industry at the Table

by: Sara on 03/15/2012
Posted in: Guest Posts

Well, spring is on its way, although you wouldn’t know it by the manic weather we’ve had, but while thoughts of seed starting dance in our heads, there is a bigger debate raging beyond our backyards as the federal parties determine Canada’s food future.

Today’s guest blog comes from Pater Ladner, former Vancouver City Councillor and author …

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Trusted Information in the Age of Digital

by: Heather on 03/01/2012
Posted in: Education

This morning I learned on Facebook that eating an onion which had been previously sliced and carefully refrigerated overnight could make me deathly ill. The original author offered all kinds of justifications for why he believed this assertion, but not a single credible source. Not surprisingly, the post was disproved with less than a minute of …

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