Our Blog | March 2015

AK Press Needs Your Help

by: EJ on 03/26/2015

Our thoughts are with AK Press today.  Last weekend their warehouse and distribution center was  burned and suffered smoke and water damage. The damage was extensive and they are unable to occupy or access their building. In addition to publishing their own books, AK distributes for a wide range of small independent publishers all of whom are …

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Whoop Whoop Hooray - Spring Starts Today

by: EJ on 03/20/2015

David Kennedy, author of Eat Your Greens: The Surprising Power of Homegrown Leaf Crops, is excited about spring.  With the number of delicious leafy greens he grows, and the recipes he cooks with them, it is no wonder he celebrates the return of the growing season in today's gardening blog.

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Dormant Pruning and Pulling Micro Weeds - Linda Gilkeson

by: EJ on 03/19/2015
Posted in: Gardening

Linda Gilkeson, author of Backyard Bounty: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, joins us again today.  This post is from her January newsletter but I thought the tips were timed correctly  for both the east coast and the west coast.  We can pull weeds and you can finish the dormant pruning! 


Are you itching …

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Garden Planning Atlantic Style

by: Sara on 03/18/2015

Today we continue our garden blog series with something from up and coming  author Jenni Blackmore, whose book, Permaculture for the Rest of Us, Abundant Living on Less Than an Acre will be available next fall. The Maritime's has just endured yet another winter storm, so we thought you could use some reassurance that, yes, spring will eventually …

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Preparing for Spring - Pam Dawling

by: EJ on 03/16/2015

Apologies to our readers in Eastern Canada and US.  The CBC radio tells me you are hunkering down under 40 cm of snow!  Cosy up to the woodstove and crack open some gardening books to dream of spring.  Or place your order today for 35% off New Society gardening books and they will arrive with enough time to read them before the snow melts.  …

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