Our Blog | April 2013

Crowd-Funded Food Roofs

by: Sara on 04/24/2013
Posted in: Food

This guest post comes to us from Lauren Mandel, Project Manager and Rooftop Agriculture Specialist at Roof Meadow and the author of the just released book, Eat Up, The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture. Today Lauren highlights South Philadelphia Highschool which launched its fundraising campaign to help realize there dream of a roof top garden.

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What's Your Favourite Earth Day Event?

by: EJ on 04/17/2013
Posted in: Events

Fish releases, parades, school events, film festivals, invasive plant pulls, community gatherings - there are such a variety of people planning to celebrate Earth Day in so many different ways.  What is your favourite event?  Is it a tradition or something new for you?

This year, New Society Publishers is celebrating Earth Day by helping our …

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Should farm-fresh eggs be washed?

by: Sara on 04/15/2013
Posted in: Food

Today's blog post comes to us from Victoria Redhed Miller, the author of the soon to be released book Pure Poultry, Living Well with Heritage Chickens, Turkey and Ducks.

Victoria is a writer, photographer and homesteader who lives off-grid on a 40-acre farm in the foothills of Washington's Olympic Mountains with her husband David. As well as raising heritage chickens, turkeys and ducks, she works towards enhancing her family's self-sufficiency through gardening, food preservation, craft brewing and distilling, antique repair and restoration, and other traditional skills. Today Victoria touches on the controversial subject of farm eggs- to wash or not, that is the question!

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Guest Post - Carol Peppe Hewitt - Financing our Foodshed

by: EJ on 04/04/2013
Posted in: New Books

In today's post, Carol Peppe Hewitt, author of the recently released Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food With Slow Money shares the story of her book from its inception to the moment of its arrival on her door step (well, on Piedmont Biofuels' doorstep - read on).  Carol says she started "spreading the gospel of Slow Money" but what she …

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Community Conversations: Our Path to a Caring Culture!

by: Sara on 04/02/2013
Posted in: Community

Today's blog post comes to us from Cecile Andrews the author of the just released, Living Room Revolution, A Handbook for Conversation, Community and the Common Good as well as Slow is Beautiful, Circle of Simplicity and co author of  Less is More. Cecile is a community educator focusing on voluntary simplicity, "take back your time," the "Sharing Economy," and Pursuit of Happiness Conversation Circles. She and her husband are founders of Seattle's Phinney Ecovillage, a neighborhood-based sustainable community.

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