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Reinventing Collapse – Revised and Updated by Dmitry Orlov

by: EJ on 06/30/2011
Posted in: Peak Oil


Frank Kaminski's review of Dmitry Orlov's revised Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects was posted on Energy Bulletin, June 17th and is reprinted here by permission.


"Neither an economist nor a formally trained scholar, Dmitry Orlov is perhaps best described in his own words, as “more of an eyewitness” to the …

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Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing Movie Venture Gets A Kick Start

by: Sara on 06/27/2011
Posted in: Activism

Recently I heard the news that plans are in motion to turn Starhawk's bestselling book, The Fifth Sacred Thing into a film. The book, set in the year 2048, tells the epic story of a philosophical, post-apocalyptic world where the best and worst of humanity’s possible futures collide. The survival of our planet rests in the hands of one clan that …

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Guest Post: Charles Durrett - Do Your Homework Before Sitting Down to the Table

by: Sara on 06/23/2011
Posted in: Guest Posts

This just in from Charles Durrett author of Creating Cohousing, Building Sustainable Communities :

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The Wealth of Nature

by: EJ on 06/10/2011

 John Michael Greer writes with unsurpassed clarity about the predicaments of energy and economy mankind faces. And he does it with a wonderfully kind, genial, and wise spirit. This is the must-read book for anyone who wishes to make through the coming turbulence.--James Howard Kunstler, Author of The Long Emergency and other books


John Michael …

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Listen Up!

by: Heather on 06/01/2011
Posted in: Events

Selected New Society Publishers' titles are now available as audiobooks through Post Hypnotic Press.

Visit their site and have a listen to sample audio clips from great books like  Peak Everything, Weapons of Mass Instruction, Thriving Beyond Sustainability, and Fermenting Revolution. You can purchase audiobooks directly from Post Hypnotic, or head …

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