Our Blog | August 2010

Study Links Environmental Toxins to Alberta Tar Sands

by: Heather on 08/30/2010
Posted in: Climate Change

I woke up this morning to a story on the CBC website linking toxins found in the Athabasca River to the mining of the Alberta Tar Sands. Now I wish I could say that the discovery of the toxins came as a shock, but obviously it didn't, given the proximity of the Athabasca River to what Mark Morford so memorably called "the oversized eco nightmare …

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Chip Haynes and Important Media - Stuff That Matters

by: EJ on 08/25/2010
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Chip Haynes is helping to spread the news about "Stuff that Matters" on Important Media. He is a guest contributor to the green tips list featured on the blog, Planet Save. What does he suggest for green tip number five? "How's about a bicycle?", of course.

Giant Bicycles used to offer a bicycle called the Iguana. It came in green, and I always …

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Follow the Life Cycle of the Majestic Plastic Bag

by: Heather on 08/24/2010

Follow the epic journey of an intrepid bag as it travels hundreds of miles to join the thriving community of plastic known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This spoof is produced by Heal the Bay and narrated by actor Jeremy Irons in support of a bill to ban single-use plastic bags in California.

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Guest Post - Richard Heinberg - Peak Everything

by: EJ on 08/23/2010
Posted in: Guest Posts

Richard Heinberg's Peak Everything: Waking Up to a Century of Declines will be available in paperback September 3rd. As with many New Society books, the original hard cover version of Peak Everything was published at a critical time and introduced a startling new concept to our readers. With the release of Peak Everything in paperback, we are …

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Is "Clicktivism" Ruining Activism?

by: Heather on 08/20/2010
Posted in: Activism

In The Guardian this week (via Post Carbon Institute) Micah White raises an interesting and alarming question - by reducing activism to online petitions, is "clicktivism" undermining more conventional activist activities? Comparing clicktivists to sophisticated marketers, White suggests that through clicktivism, political engagement becomes devoid …

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