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The Pictures are Pretty but the Struggle is Real

by: Sara on 09/21/2015
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Today's post from Christina Crook, the author of The Joy of Missing Out, Finding Balance in a Wired World, reminds us to "Not believe everything you see" especially when it comes to social media. I myself have been guilty of gazing at friends Facebook photos thinking "Wow, there life looks so cool!" or posting my own photos that may not be as fun …

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New Sustainable Building Essentials Series dedicated to cofounder Kip Plant

by: Sara on 09/09/2015

Christopher (Kip) Plant (1950 – 2015) was cofounder of New Society Publishers Canada and very passionate about sustainable building methods.  Prior to his passing he was very excited to see this series coming together and after many years of acquiring books on the topic he was delighted that New Society Publishers was taking on the entire

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Employees of New Society Publishers become Shareholders in the Company

by: EJ on 09/04/2015

It is a business story full of love and passion; heroism and commitment, intelligence, generosity and resilience.  From their roots in the anti-Viet Nam war movement and nuclear free Pacific, Chris and Judith Plant of New Society Publishers built their highly developed and relevant Canadian publishing business into an international leader in …

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6 Simple Ideas to Reduce Clothing Waste

by: Sara on 09/02/2015

In many parts of North America, the changing of the season sparks the changing of clothes. The summer shorts and dresses make their way to the back of the closet while the fall coats and sweaters come to the front. And as the seasons change, often so do the styles.  Many of us have children wanting the latest fashions, and honestly, I myself still …

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