Our Blog | April 2010

Wearing Smaller Shoes - Figuratively Speaking

by: EJ on 04/09/2010
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Chip Haynes doesn't mean you should squeeze your size 9 feet into a size 6, but he does mean that it is time to shrink our combined global footprint. In his most recent book, Wearing Smaller Shoes - Living Light on the Big Blue Marble, his light hearted approach to saving money while incidentally saving the planet is irresistible. Here he is in …

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From Container to Kitchen: Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Pots

by: Heather on 04/08/2010
Posted in: New Books

In honour of the gorgeous spring day unfolding outside my office window (and to counterbalance the depression brought on by yesterday's blog entry on Koch Industries and Greenpeace's expose of their generous funding of the climate denial machine), today we bring you a new release that will get you itching to dig your hands in the dirt. Recently …

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Greenpeace Blows the Whistle on Koch Industries

by: Heather on 04/07/2010
Posted in: Climate Change

Greenpeace has released an extensive report alleging that Koch Industries, one of the largest private corporations in the US, has quietly funneled millions of dollars to climate-denial front groups that are working to delay policies and regulations aimed at stopping climate change. From funding conservative think tanks to direct federal lobbying, …

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