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Denver Green Festival Sunday

by: EJ on 05/04/2009
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The highlight of Sunday was definitely getting to hear Mark Anielski, author of The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth speak on the Genuine Happiness Index. He started his talk with an excellent series of graphs illustrating how, although income has increased over the years, happiness has stayed at about the 1970's levels and …

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Denver Green Festival - Saturday

by: EJ on 05/03/2009
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The crew in Denver have had a busy couple of days with lots of time with New Society authors. We met with Mel Bartholomew, the Square Foot gardener, to talk about his new book with New Society Publishers. A gracious and enthusiastic man, he got us totally inspired about his gardening system and book ideas. This short video explains the mission of …

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Guest Post - Zoe Weil

by: Heather on 05/01/2009
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This just in from Zoe Weil, author of The Power and Promise of Humane Education, Above All Be Kind, and So You Love Animals. (This entry was originally posted on Zoe Weil's blog and is reprinted with permission.)

That's the Funny Thing About Judgments and Assumptions...

This past weekend I led a MOGO (Most Good) Workshop at Bard College. My car had …

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Denver Green Festival

by: EJ on 05/01/2009
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Well, I didn't think I would have much to report about our travel to the Denver Green Festival, after all it was just a trip through Vancouver and Denver airports, but, as it turns out, the Denver International Airport is quite interesting and has an extensive environmental management system.

As we pulled away from the airport in our taxi, we …

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