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Guest Post - Chris O'Brien

by: Heather on 12/10/2007
Posted in: Activism

Today, we have a guest post from Chris O'Brien, award-winning author of Fermenting Revolution, writing about some of the ethical dilemmas we face in choosing our daily cup of java. Check out his Beer Activist blog here and his new Bean Activist blog here. Thanks Chris!

What's the Greenest Coffee Bag?

Coffee drinkers pay more for packaging, shipping, and advertising than we pay the farmers who grow coffee beans. So how can we pay more to the people and for the product and less for the package? And which kind of package is best for the environment?

Setting aside the issues of shipping and advertising, and ignoring single-serve coffee containers for the moment, the basic retail packaging choice is between a paper bag and a plastic-covered foil bag.

Aargh! The eternal paper versus plastic debate. Hoping to discover once and for all which to choose, I researched this question and reported my findings in Fermenting Revolution. I found that this is a frustrating debate for good reason - there is no clear environmental winner when choosing a paper or plastic bag.

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The Story of Stuff

by: Heather on 12/07/2007
Posted in: Activism

If I go to a mall, especially at Christmas, it's not uncommon for me to feel almost physically ill when confronted by the mountains of excess. One of my main reasons for living where I do (a small island in the Georgia Strait off the coast of Vancouver Island), is to avoid the rampant consumerism that I always seem to be confronted with in cities.

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The Business Case for Sustainability

by: Heather on 12/06/2007
Posted in: New Books

Bob Willard, author of The Sustainability Advantage and The Next Sustainability Wave has recently released a DVD. The Business Case for Sustainability presents a compelling argument for business leaders to adopt sustainable practices. Check out the video trailer below!

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by: Heather on 12/05/2007
Posted in: Events

On December 8, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are organizing rallies and marches to demand bold climate action at UN climate talks in Bali. People from Avaaz, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and many other organizations are uniting in a Global Climate Campaign - click here for a map to help you find and attend a climate march …

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Carbon Neutral Renewable Energy from Hydrogen

by: Heather on 12/04/2007
Posted in: Renewable Energy

Researchers at Penn State have recently demonstrated a method to convert cellulose and other biodegradable organic materials directly into hydrogen. Using microbial fuel cells, researchers Bruce Logan and Shaoan Cheng have shown that their method produces 288 percent more energy in hydrogen than the electrical energy that is expended in the …

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