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Turning the Super Tanker of the American Economy Around

by: EJ on 07/23/2009

The Economist is publishing a series on rebalancing global growth highlighting the world's four biggest economies, starting this week with the United States. I found the article an interesting window into an economist's world view. How difficult it has become to persist in the belief that perpetual growth is the only option for our economic …

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Mark Anielski Counsels Victims of Madoff Scam

by: Heather on 03/24/2009

Mark Anielski, author of the award-winning The Economics of Happiness, has been meeting with victims of Bernard Madoff, who has been convicted of one of the largest investment frauds in history. According to The Tyee, Mark recently met with members of an advocacy group made up of Madoff investors to "talk about how [they] can move past the …

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A Sea of Plastic

by: EJ on 03/16/2009

I know most people have heard of the problem of plastic in the ocean, from the plastic island twice the size of Texas that is continually circling the Pacific Gyre, to beaches littered with plastic bottles and other garbage, but scientists are beginning to measure the extent of the danger of plastic in our oceans. Plastic does not biodegrade, it …

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The Astonishing Lyre Bird

by: Heather on 03/05/2009

Given that this clip has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube (and I think that I first saw it at least 3 years ago) there's a good chance that many of you have already seen this famous BBC clip of David Attenborough introducing one of nature's most amazing mimics - the lyre bird. There's something unbelievably poignant and moving about …

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Why ‘Run-of-the-River' is no Solution

by: Heather on 01/05/2009

William Rees, co-author of Our Ecological Footprint and professor at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning, has written a column on the zero-growth solution for Save Our Rivers. There are any number of solid justifications for a no-growth approach - not the least of which is that, from an energy perspective, serious conservation …

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