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Transforming Our Culture: Toward Sustainability

by: Heather on 02/11/2008

The following article by Mike Nickerson, author of Life, Money and Illusion is reprinted with permission from Ottawa's Peace and Environment News (January-February 2008). Thanks Mike!

Transforming Our Culture: Toward Sustainability

Continuing with civilization requires more than fine tuning the present system. It requires metamorphosis.

Climate change, peak oil and all the other unfolding crises associated with pollution and resource depletion are all symptoms of one problem. There has been a fundamental change in the relationship between people and the Earth. We no longer have new frontiers to expand into when resources get scarce or our waste becomes intolerable. This change marks the maturity of the human species. Well-being now requires an equally fundamental change in how we manage our societies.

As long as the goal of expanding production and consumption is considered legitimate, we are in danger of overshooting planetary limits and collapsing. When sustainability gains legitimacy, as our primary goal, the possibility will emerge for evolving a mature social form, capable of long-term well-being. It is a Question of Direction.

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Israel oil-free by 2010

by: Heather on 02/05/2008

Renewable Energy Access featured a story last week on Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place's plan to make Israel oil-free by 2010.

Too good to be true? Maybe not.

The plan is based on a implementing a country-wide electric car infrastructure which will include 500,000 re-charging facilities across the country.

From the REA story:

"...this group …

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Enlightened Mobility

by: Heather on 01/04/2008

The video below is a feature from the Rick Mercer Report on the ZENN car- a Zero-Emission No-Noise electric vehicle with a base price of $12,750. The ZENN car is produced in Canada and is available in many US States and in British Columbia. Wider Canadian availability will have to wait - BC is the only province that has has low-speed vehicle …

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Measuring True Wealth

by: Heather on 01/03/2008

How do you measure your wealth? Is it related only to your bank balance, is it quality of life, or is it how happy you are? Or is it a product of all three?

A recent story on the Planet 2025 News Network reported that there is worldwide support for measuring the true wealth of nations by including health, social and environmental statistics in the …

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Guest Post - Ellis Jones

by: Heather on 08/28/2007

Today we have a guest post, this time from Ellis Jones, author of The Better World Shopping Guide and co-author of The Better World Handbook. The The Better World Shopping Guide contains over 5 years of comprehensive research distilled into a pocket-sized, shopping-friendly format, ranking every products from A to F, and is supported by a website which maintains current ranking information. Thanks Ellis!

Hello Readers!

I just thought I'd give you an update on some of the latest happenings with the company rankings in The Better World Shopping Guide through this blog.


On the website (www.betterworldshopper.org) there are now 5 product categories under the Research link where you can take a peek behind the rankings to see the actual data used to rate each company, including Audio Equipment, Baby Care, Chocolate, Dairy Products, and Energy Bars. In Audio Equipment, you'll notice that Apple has slipped from A- to B+ due mainly to the results of a major Greenpeace research effort on toxic plastics and recycling efforts. Nestle recently bought out Gerber, the famous baby food maker, bringing that company to the bottom of the barrel.

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