Our Blog | March 2009

The Astonishing Lyre Bird

by: Heather on 03/05/2009

Given that this clip has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube (and I think that I first saw it at least 3 years ago) there's a good chance that many of you have already seen this famous BBC clip of David Attenborough introducing one of nature's most amazing mimics - the lyre bird. There's something unbelievably poignant and moving about …

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John Seed - The Town Crier for the Global Village

by: Heather on 03/04/2009

John Seed is the founder and director of the Rainforest Information Centre in Australia and co-author of the deep ecology classic Thinking like a Mountain - a volume of readings, meditations, rituals and workshop notes dedicated to renewing the spirit and vision of those who serve the Earth by celebrating our interconnectedness with all beings.

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ECOpreneuring Wins Gold!

by: Heather on 03/03/2009

ECOpreneuring by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist has won a gold medal in the Entrepreneurship category in the Axiom Business Book Awards. The goal of the awards is "to celebrate the innovative, intelligent and creative aspects of the books that make us think, see and work differently every day".

ECOpreneuring will show you how to make a life instead …

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Getting Around: Fuel Use of Various Types of Transportation

by: Heather on 03/02/2009
Posted in: Activism

Good Magazine has produced a handy chart illustrating how many gallons of fuel per passenger it takes to cover a distance of 350 miles. SUVs top the list of gas guzzlers - time to unload that Hummer, especially if you're driving without any passengers, in which case you're using 17 gallons of fuel to travel 350 miles. Mass transit is a pretty good …

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