Our Blog | September 2009

Wearing Smaller Shoes with Uncle Chippie

by: EJ on 09/06/2009
Posted in: Guest Posts

I am very pleased to introduce Chip Haynes, author of Wearing Smaller Shoes: Living Light on the Big Blue Marble and The Practical Cyclist: Bicycling for Real People as our guest blogger this week.

So welcome to the world of living small. It has nothing to do with height, although, yes, I am short, and everything to do with leading a life of less …

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Tweeting Plants

by: EJ on 09/04/2009
Posted in: Gardening

Finally, a truly useful tweet! I use Twitter as part of my marketing responsibilities but I must say, I have been slow to warm to this use of technology. A discovery today has re-inspired me.

Sadly, the plants in our office often have to resort to dropping leaves onto our keyboards in order to attract attention to the increasingly desert-like …

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I'm Speechless

by: EJ on 09/03/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

Just a little something to to rival the last YouTube video I posted from the US Chamber of Commerce. Not quite seasonal but Christmas is coming.

ACCCE (Astroturf) from the clean coal lobby group came up with this beauty last winter. It was pulled due to severe criticism.

What is the matter with clean coal, apart from cutsie Christmas carol …

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Uncle Chippie Answers Your Questions About Living Green

by: EJ on 09/02/2009
Posted in: Author Events

Next week our blog will be hosting a question and answer session with Chip Haynes, a.k.a. Uncle Chippie, author of Wearing Smaller Shoes: Living Light on the Big Blue Marble and Practical Cyclist: Bicycling for Real People.

Are you wondering how to best reduce your eco-footprint? Do you feel that you would like to do your part but can't afford …

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