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Essential Earthbag Construction - an interview with Kelly Hart

by: EJ on 07/16/2018
Posted in: Natural Building

I've always been intrigued by earthbag building and Kelly Hart's new book Essential Earthbag Construction: The Complete Step-by-step Guide is the perfect book to fuel my dreams of an earthbag root cellar.  In today's author interview, Kelly Hart answers questions about building techniques and shares some stories from his international work.


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Interview with Cyndi Suarez, Author of "The Power Manual"

by: EJ on 07/03/2018

Cyndi Suarez, author of The Power Manual: How to Master Complex Power Dynamics has been working with non-profits and activists for 20 years.  She is a journalist and a consultant with a MS in Nonprofit Management.  In her new book, she explores the major concepts of power with a focus on how to shift power dynamics to create change both personally …

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From No-Knead to Sourdough - An Interview with author Victoria Redhed Miller

by: Sara on 06/13/2018

Today we speak to author Victoria Redhed Miller about her new book From No-knead to Sourdough: A Simpler Approach to Handmade Bread. In her new book Victoria teaches readers how to create delicious, healthy breads (no experience required) From low and no-gluten baking to  bagels and pizza, even tips for using a wood -fired oven, there is a recipe …

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Schedule Update and GERTIE the Bus Story Book

by: EJ on 06/11/2018
Posted in: Community

UPDATED: GERTIE Schedule for May 2018

This schedule is not intended to replace the official Gertie schedule, please do continue to refer to it, but give our Gertie Bus Hack a try here and tell us what you think.

The story of how the GERTIE bus came to be is just one story in Fay Weller and Mary Wilson's fabulous new book, Changemakers: Live Well …

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In the Business of Change with Elisa Birnbaum - author interview

by: EJ on 06/08/2018

In the Business of Change chronicles how social entrepreneurs weary of waste and injustice are using business savvy to tackle challenges in their communities. Part story-telling, part lessons learned, this book is for everyone who wants to rebuild their communities and believes that business can be a powerful, positive force for change.   In …

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