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SLOW - A Sublime Life of Wonder

by: EJ on 09/24/2016
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Happy Equinox - The Time of Turning

by: EJ on 09/14/2016

Background image by Joan …

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The Halo of Pokémon: Fading… Or Shining Brighter?

by: Sara on 08/08/2016

Mari Swingle,PhD, the author of I-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, and Social Media are Changing our Brains, our Behavior, and the Evolution of our Species talks about the effect of the Pokémon Go phenomena on community, our brains, our sense of reality and our behaviour in general.

As the Pokémon Go craze swept over us we were …

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The Dude Who Keeps Making a Difference

by: Kiana on 07/04/2016

To keep you inspired to do good this summer and be active, have a look at Dude Making a Difference: Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives and Other Extreme Adventures Across America, featured in our Summer Sale 2016. Receive 35% discount on all our books right now by entering Summer16 at the checkout when ordering online. Valid from July 1st- 10th. 

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Unplug and Read About the Future of Technology and Our Minds

by: Kiana on 07/02/2016
Posted in: Education , Events , Health , Parenting

“Cell phones, PCs, and the Internet are now completely integrated in global culture, i-culture: welcomed by most, resisted by some, the impact apparent for all. (iMinds, Introduction, page xi)


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