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Elizabeth May, Leader of the Canadian Green Party, Shares Why She Will be in New York This Sunday - Marches Work

by: EJ on 09/19/2014

This blog by Elizabeth May is re-posted with permission from the Yes! Magazine website where it appeared August 12th. While it is too late to join Elizabeth May in New York  City at the People's Climate March without hypocritically burning large amounts of fossil fuels, there are local events planned across the US and Canada.

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We Must Protect What We Have #peoplesclimate

by: EJ on 09/02/2014

Photographer Sebastiao Salgada traveled the world for eight years photographing pristine places that still exist today as they might have existed thousands of years ago.  His goal is to motivate people to take action on climate change by sharing the beauty of our planet.

"We must protect what we have.  We are just one species.  We have just one …

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People's Climate March September 21st #peoplesclimate

by: EJ on 08/29/2014

Starting to hear rumblings about a huge march against climate change in NY September 21st?  Here is what it's all about.

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Elizabeth May Makes History!

by: EJ on 05/06/2011

Elizabeth May, Leader of the Canadian Green Party, made history by becoming the first Green to be elected to parliament in North America.  Her riding, Saanich-Gulf Islands, is located just to the east of the City of Victoria on Vancouver Island BC and just south of Gabriola Island, home to New Society Publishers.  May picked the Saanich-Gulf …

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Michael Moore on President Obama

by: EJ on 10/09/2009

Today you are either singing the praises of President Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, or wondering how the president of the world's biggest military power presently conducting two wars could be chosen for the world's most prominent peace prize.

Personally, today I watched the Link TV special with Michael Moore Obama, The Media, and His New …

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