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Exploring the Connections Between Healthy Communites and Green Infrastructure - Landscape and Architecture Magazine Guest Post

by: Alina on 06/05/2014

Today's post is a guest blog from Landscape and Architecture Magazine

By: Steven Peck

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Beautiful, Affordable, Accessible and Nontoxic – Earthen Floors

by: Alina on 05/08/2014

Thanks to the efficiency of modern industrial techniques, the sensual aesthetic, affordability and eco-friendliness of earthen floors have been largely ignored in “mainstream” building.

We’re betting that won’t be the case for much longer – hot off the press this month is a first of its kind: Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an …

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Rio Earth Summit 20 years later inspires projects

by: Sara on 06/20/2012

The 4th Edition of Toward Sustainable Communities by Mark Roseland, who is the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Communities at Simon Fraser University, has come off press just in time for the 20 Year Anniversary celebration of the Rio Earth Summit. The book, originally published in 1992 will be relaunched at the summit in Brazil this week.

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Guest Post - Katie Alvord - Divorce Your Car

by: Heather on 01/14/2011

This just in from Katie Alvord - author of Divorce Your Car!
Ending the Love Affair with the Automobile. This article originally appeared on World Streets and is reprinted by permission.)

For your next Car Free Day, go on a diet.

When it comes to transport, we’ve become obese. I mean this in multiple senses. Our population of vehicles has burgeoned; already around 1 billion worldwide, it’s expected to double within just 20 years. The vehicle miles we travel, or VMT, continue to swell; just in the U.S., for instance, VMT now fluctuates around 250 billion per month – trillions per year – and grows each month by an average 200 million more. Even our waistlines have expanded due to excess motor vehicle travel; one study attributes six extra pounds to the extra driving done by typical suburbanites.

Losing Transport Fat with Car Diets:
Cutting VMT Instead of Calories for Multiple Benefits

We’re all too familiar with the downsides of these trends. VMT growth means that greenhouse gas emissions continue out of control, making mitigation of climate change ever more costly and difficult. Vehicles added to the global fleet, still mainly internal combustion and petrol-powered, further denigrate air quality and sicken urban populations. Additional health problems stemming from lack of exercise and obesity – heart disease, diabetes, and more – shorten lives and strain budgets, costing $150 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

To the various interest groups grappling with these major issues, here’s a suggestion: consider car diets. The “diet” – most often associated with cutting consumption of calories – can be a useful model for addressing all these issues at once. Car diets – here defined as cutting not calories, but VMT – can be approached both on an individual and collective basis, and have benefits both ways.

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The Best Place on Earth

by: Heather on 01/26/2010

On the eve of the Games, as Olympic fever slams into high gear, a group of Gabriola activists has released a new video highlighting child poverty in the province of BC. According to First Call, British Columbia's child and youth advocacy coalition, BC had the highest child poverty rate in Canada for the sixth year in a row in 2007, and over one …

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