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Announcing "Afterburn", Richard Heinberg's Greatest Hits

by: EJ on 03/12/2015

Richard Heinberg is our guest today announcing his most recent book, Afterburn:Society Beyond Fossil Fuels, which is now off press. 

The advent of fossil fuels changed the world profoundly (giving us everything from plastics and automobiles to global warming); the inevitable and rapidly approaching end of the oil-coal-and-gas era will likewise …

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First Ever Global Divestment Day February 13 & 14th

by: EJ on 02/11/2015

Divestment Campaigners Tell Administration “Don’t Bank on Tar Sands”

Campuses around the world are joining together in the first ever Global Divestment Day. Students are calling on their campus administrators to drop dirty energy companies like those in Canada’s tar sands. Dozens of events are planned across Canada and hundreds around …

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The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler by Duncan Crary

by: EJ on 11/10/2011
Posted in: Peak Oil

Duncan Crary's recently released, The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler , explores the  “Tragic comedy of suburban sprawl”.

“James Howard Kunstler plainly has a lot to say about the state of the world. And while much of it is bad, bad news — aggressively, congenitally, perhaps even fatally bad — he speaks with such …

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Guest Post - Duncan Crary - James Howard Kunstler and Richard Heinberg Talk Peak Oil, Suburbia and The End of Growth

by: EJ on 09/14/2011
Posted in: Peak Oil

Duncan Crary is the author of the upcoming KunstlerCast:Conversations with James Howard Kunstler which will be released by New Society Publishers in October.

On the latest KunstlerCast podcast, authors Richard Heinberg and James Howard Kunstler engaged in a compelling conversation that moved from America's disastrous reliance on limitless economic …

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Collapse Scenarios - Satrie or Vision of the Future, Part Three - Guest Post Anthony Harrington, QFINANCE

by: EJ on 08/26/2011
Posted in: Peak Oil

In this blog post, Anthony Harrington reviews John Michael Greer's The Wealth of Nature: Economics as Survival Mattered.


John Michael Greer’s The Wealth of Nature: Economics as if Survival Mattered, castigates what Greer perceives as the failure of modern economic thinking and suggests an alternative approach based on the thinking of Ernest …

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