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Hope and Hard Times - Community Based, Collborative Conservation

by: EJ on 01/07/2010
Posted in: New Books

Over the holidays I had the luxury of reading Ted Bernard's latest book, Hope and Hard Times: Communities, Collaboration and Sustainability. Too often a large portion of my reading resembles a forced double time march rather than a leisurely evening stroll so having the time to savour Hope and Hard Times was a real treat - all the more so because …

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Happy New Year

by: EJ on 01/04/2010
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Welcome back to the good work. I have been reading the usual line up of predictions for the coming decade and summaries of the year past but my favourite post comes from the Post Carbon Institute - 10 things that will inspire your imagination, 5 things that will fire your indignation and 1 thing you can do to create a better future. With entries …

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