Our Blog | November 2013

Rising to the Occasion - The Community Grain Revolution

by: Sara on 11/12/2013
Posted in: Community

There is much debate about grain these days. From books like Wheat Belly, which suggests if you cut out wheat your tummy will “disappear” to countless products being marketed as gluten-free for those who are allergic or intolerant to the gluten protein, it makes one wonder why we ever ate these pesky grains in the first place.

The wheat plant …

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What If…No One Voted?

by: Sara on 11/04/2013
Posted in: Activism

On October 23rd, in an interview on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, media personality Russell Brand spoke about his role as guest editor for the political magazine the NewStateman. In the interview Brand defended his choice not to vote, and his "authority" to speak about politics. Brand spoke about how he feels the current system is broken. He cited …

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A Trip to Kansas Via Tennessee and Arkansas

by: EJ on 11/01/2013
Posted in: Sustainable Living

In October I had the opportunity to attend two conferences for New Society Publishers - the Society for Environmental Journalists (SEJ) in Chattanooga TN and the Mother Earth News Fair in Lawrence, KS.  Given that the events were on back to back weekends, I suggested that instead of flying home in between, I take a bit of a holiday and drive from …

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