Our Blog | March 2008

Nanoparticles in consumer goods

by: Heather on 03/14/2008
Posted in: Activism

This Tuesday The Daily Mail in the UK reported that manufacturers are incorporating potentially toxic nanoparticles into a wide variety of consumer goods including "some nutritional supplements, cling wrap and containers, antibacterial kitchenware, processed meats, chocolate drinks, baby food and chemicals used in agriculture". This technology is …

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Canada follows in US footsteps - again

by: Heather on 03/12/2008

Reported on Treehugger via desmogblog, Environment Canada has recently updated its Media Relations Protocol to effectively muzzle scientists and force them to "improve service" by responding to reporters with "approved lines". Since Environment Canada is the government department most likely to be consulted on matters relating to climate change, …

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Spring! And some gardening books...

by: Heather on 03/11/2008
Posted in: Gardening

The temperature is climbing, the birds are singing, the clocks have sprung forward, and it's finally time to start thinking about coming out of hibernation. (Unless of course you're reading this in Eastern Canada or the Northeastern US, in which case you might still have a few weeks to go.)

If you're starting to experience spring fever, we have …

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Shop green! How about shop less?

by: Heather on 03/10/2008

Listening to the radio this morning I heard an ad for a well-known Canadian retailer exhorting consumers to join the "New Renaissance" in green living. Suggestions included picking up a shiny new Spring purse to take everywhere (not quite sure how this benefits the environment, but apparently it does) and walking more (in a new pair of shoes, …

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Re-Inventing Collapse review

by: Heather on 03/07/2008
Posted in: New Books

Carolyn Baker of Speaking Truth To Power, has posted an excellent advance review of Dmitry Orlov's Re-Inventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects. An excerpt:

"In pondering his analysis of collapse-how it manifested in the S.U. (Soviet Union) and is now manifesting in the U.S., one is dumbfounded with the utter vacuousness of all …

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