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What to Do in the Garden this Weekend - Linda Gilkeson

by: EJ on 03/13/2015

Linda Gilkeson, author of Backyard Bounty: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, gives our west coast readers some tips for what to do in the garden with this weekend!

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Announcing "Afterburn", Richard Heinberg's Greatest Hits

by: EJ on 03/12/2015

Richard Heinberg is our guest today announcing his most recent book, Afterburn:Society Beyond Fossil Fuels, which is now off press. 

The advent of fossil fuels changed the world profoundly (giving us everything from plastics and automobiles to global warming); the inevitable and rapidly approaching end of the oil-coal-and-gas era will likewise …

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Seed Starting with Cindy Conner

by: Sara on 03/11/2015

Tis the season of the Seedy Sunday...seed swapping, trading and buying. If you don't have a Seedy Sunday...or Saturday in you area of course you can get your seeds  from your local grower or garden shop or use the ones you saved from last years crop...but now what? Well Cindy Conner, the author of Grow a Sustainable Diet and Seed Libraries, is …

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A New Season of Gardening at Three Sisters Farm

by: EJ on 03/10/2015
Posted in: Events , Food , Gardening

The first blog in our spring gardening series is from Darrell Frey, author of Bioshelter Market Garden: A Permaculture FarmDarrell is also the owner and manager of Three Sisters Farm, a 5-acre permaculture farm, solar greenhouse and market garden located in Western Pennsylvania.  Given the winter we have been having, we thought it only …

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Spring Book Sale - Gardening Books 35% Off Now until March 22nd

by: EJ on 03/06/2015

Welcome to spring!  Or at least to spring dreaming.  To help you through these last dreary days of winter, we are offering all our gardening books for sale at 35% off.  Just enter the coupon code, GARDEN, in the redeem box at the checkout on our website. 

Get your gardening books just in time for seed planting.

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