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Pee Outside Day - Seriously!

by: Heather on 04/19/2010
Posted in: Events

It's a little known fact that April 19th is Pee Outside Day. But before you laugh, think about this. The average toilet wastes three gallons of water per flush. In the western world that adds up to millions of gallons of fresh, clean water that gets flushed away every day. Not only that, human urine is rich in nitrogen, and can be used simply and …

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Soy Storm: Hexane in Processed Veggie Burgers?

by: Heather on 04/16/2010
Posted in: Food

A storm of controversy has erupted over a Mother Jones article referencing a Cornucopia study exposing the use of a potentially dangerous toxin used in manufacturing many soy foods, including veggie burgers.

From the report:

Hexane is strictly prohibited in organic food processing, but is used to make "natural" soy foods and even some that are …

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Everybody Loves Wild Salmon

by: EJ on 04/15/2010
Posted in: Events

Don't they?

Alexandra Morton asks this question after more than a decade of education and over 10,000 pages of letters to all levels of government have failed to elicit any meaningful response to the threat posed to wild salmon by salmon farms throughout BC.

In an attempt to raise awareness, Alexandra Morton is embarking on The Get Out Migration. …

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Ted Bernard and Hope and Hard Times

by: EJ on 04/14/2010
Posted in: Author Events

We always love it when an author manages to find their way to our corner of the world for a visit. Ted Bernard, author of Hope and Hard Times: Communities, Collaboration and Sustainability and his wife, Donna Lofgren, spent the afternoon with us this past Monday.

New Society Publishers was the first stop on Ted's Pacific Northwest book and …

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Lessons Learned from Dandelion Wine

by: Heather on 04/13/2010
Posted in: Food

In the heat of last summer, I surveyed our extremely prodigious dandelion crop and was possessed with the urge to turn weeds into wine. A little time on the internet yielded a recipe that would take care of the dregs of our rhubarb as well, and a mission was born. A couple of hot, sunny summer afternoons were whiled away plucking and collecting …

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