Our Blog | May 2009

Please go vote BC!

by: Heather on 05/12/2009
Posted in: Activism

If you live in British Columbia, don't miss the chance to get out and vote today - this is a critical time in our province (as it is everywhere) and we can't afford to sit back and be complacent. This is a tough election day decision for many - this morning I had a real struggle in the voting booth as to whether to vote with my heart, or whether …

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Bike to Work Week May 11-17

by: EJ on 05/11/2009
Posted in: Events

Every week is Bike to Work Week for me but seeing as it only takes me 10 minutes, I can't really gloat. The people I really admire are those who bike to work in all weather, through heavy city traffic. But biking to work is rarely the hard core activity you would think - more a pleasant interlude between home and office and a welcome chance to …

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What do Indiana Jones and HRH Prince Charles Have in Common?

by: EJ on 05/08/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

Protecting rainforests.

Harrison Ford and His Royal Highness Prince Charles are just a couple of the famous voices uniting in the fight to save tropical rainforests and prevent global warming through through The Prince's Rainforests Project. An array of celebrities have appeared alongside Prince Charles and an animated frog in a film to highlight …

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Living Green

by: Heather on 05/05/2009
Posted in: New Books

From intentional communities, cohousing and ecovillages to greener neighborhoods and affordable housing, Living Green: Communities that Sustain showcases some extraordinary communities already in existence in North America today. In sharp contrast to the steady media diet of gloom and doom (a side of pandemic to go with your economic crisis …

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Edible Wild Plants

by: Heather on 05/04/2009
Posted in: Food

These days, dandelions feel like the bane of my existence. With their tenacious taproots that seem to go all the way to China, they are harder to get rid of than zucchini bread in August, and they come in a seemingly endless supply. So it was nice to come across this article on Straight Goods by Lynn Jones of the Ottawa River Institute, reminding …

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