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Water Water Everywhere and Ne'er a Drop to Drink

by: EJ on 07/15/2009
Posted in: Collapse

This morning I found this blog post by R.A. Vaughan on ActionSpark, a portion of which is reprinted here with permission. You can see the whole entry here.

On Saturday a friend and I drove through coastal California, from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Before we left, she began to fret about not having filtered water. I commented that since most …

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Social Collapse - Orlov Style

by: Heather on 07/14/2009
Posted in: Collapse

Dmitry Orlov, author of Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Example and American Prospects, addressed The Long Now Foundation earlier this year on the subject of social collapse. For the full text of his talk you can click here, but I highly recommend you treat yourself to the full Orlov experience by watching the video - a short excerpt is below and the …

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Bundanoon Australia bans plastic water bottles

by: EJ on 07/10/2009
Posted in: Sustainable Living

Just 400 people in a small Australian town have spurred a nation into action and started a global conversation. In Bundanoon, New South Wales, 400 people attended a town hall meeting - and voted 398 to 2 to ban the sale of bottled water in their town. The initiative, called "Bundy on Tap," is the brainchild of local bike shop and cafe owner, …

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G8 Meeting Releases Joint Statement on Global Warming

by: EJ on 07/09/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

The results of this week's G8 meeting in Italy have been announced. The G8 set a goal to hold the temperature rise to 2 deg. Centigrade/3.6 deg. Fahrenheit above average temperatures in the year 1900. A more far-reaching proposal to slash production of greenhouse gases was not sucessful. They have agreed that global warming presents "a clear …

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Richard Heinberg Looks on the Bright Side

by: Heather on 07/02/2009
Posted in: Guest Posts

This just in from Richard Heinberg, author of Blackout, Peak Everything, The Oil Depletion Protocol, The Party's Over and Powerdown. (This entry was originally posted on the Post Carbon Institute website and is reprinted with permission.) Thanks Richard! (And also thanks Richard for causing me to have the Monty Python song of the same name running …

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