Our Blog | September 2016

Toward a Philosophy of Slow

by: EJ on 09/25/2016

Happy Sunday Everyone.  We hope you are having a quiet day of rest.  Today is day five of New Society Publishers Fall sale and we are digging deeper into what it really means to go slow.  

In Slow is Beautiful: New Visions of Community, Leisure and Joie de Vivre, Cecile Andrews analyzes the subtle consumer, political and corporate forces stamping …

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SLOW - A Sublime Life of Wonder

by: EJ on 09/24/2016
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Our Own Advice Can Be the Hardest to Follow

by: Sara on 09/23/2016

Today, the second day of our Fall Book Sale, we are celebrating 'wabi-sabi'  the act of appreciating the simple and letting go of the superficial with Robyn Lawrence Griggs, the author of Simply Imperfect: Revisiting the Wabi-Sabi House. Robyn shares the story of moving out of the home she raised her children in, and the process of letting go of …

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The Roots of Wabi-Sabi

by: Sara on 09/22/2016

Wabi-sabi stems from …

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Happy Equinox - The Time of Turning

by: EJ on 09/14/2016

Background image by Joan …

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