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COP 15 Roundup

by: EJ on 12/21/2009
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I just found this great post from Russ Walker on Grist that compiles quotes and links to editorial reactions to the Copenhagen agreement around the world.

It's too weak! ... No, it was a fool's errand to begin with ... China is to blame! Of course not, it was the United States that brokered a bad deal for the world's poor ... There's no hope ... …

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Copenhagen Accord

by: Heather on 12/18/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

The Washington Post has acquired a copy of the signed Copenhagen Accord. When you click the link, the first page is blank (oh the rich irony) so you have to scroll down quite a bit before you see anything. It's a bit early for detailed analysis - we will bring you more of that as it becomes available.

The Wall Street Journal and other mainstream …

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Brazil and France call late night meeting

by: EJ on 12/17/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

This morning in Copenhagen was met with a mix of optimism and pessimism. The combined proposals to cut carbon still add up to a 3.9 degree temperature change, something it appears the negoitiators already knew, but hope is building that heads of state (our Honourable Prime Minister Harper excluded) will still be able to forge a Fair, Ambitious and …

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Say Yes in Copenhagen

by: Heather on 12/16/2009
Posted in: Climate Change

For climate activists around the world, check out the video poem Say Yes from poet-activist Andrea Gibson. I'd love to send it as a message to all the delegates and leaders in Copenhagen. Here's a taste:

play like there's no time for hoping brighter days will come
play like the apocalypse is only 4...3...2
but you have a drum in your chest that …

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A Climate Change Christmas Carol (with sincere apologies to Charles Dickens)

by: EJ on 12/15/2009
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It was the evening before the last day of the Copenhagen United Nations Conference on Climate Change. Prime Minister Ebenezer Harper was just getting ready for bed in his luxury hotel room.

"Ah," he sighed to himself. "I do believe we have been successful. It will be impossible for a binding climate change agreement to be reached, just as long as I can hold out one more day." His reverie was interrupted by a tap on the door announcing the arrival of his nightly hot toddy. Stretching, Prime Minister Harper opened the door, accepted the hot drink gratefully and tipped the waiter. And yet, the young man lingered.

"Is there something else?" Ebenezer asked.

"Prime Minister, I know it is not my place, but we had really hoped that Canada would have had a change of heart. Isn't there anything that will..."

Ebenezer's face grew red with rage, "You dare to presume to counsel me! You preposterous little twit! What does a hotel waiter know about climate change?"

"But please sir, think of the children sir!"

With a roar of outrage, Ebenezer pushed the man out of the way and slammed the door.
"Think of the children sir," he sneered. "Thanks to me protecting the tar sands, every child in Canada is going to have heating oil for their furnaces and enough gas for every family to drive a Hummer." Continuing to fume, he finished his drink and got ready for bed. As he settled his head on the pillow he thought, "I can't wait for this conference to be over so I can get back to the work that really matters. It's nearly time to get that budget out. Now what was that happy thought I was using to get to sleep? Oh yes, the new federal tax on Alberta." And with a smile on his face, Ebenezer drifted off to sleep.

Within minutes, it seemed, Ebenezer was awoken by a tap on his door. "It had better not be that waiter again," he thought. But when he opened the door, a jolly young woman dressed in a woolen coat, hat, mitts and a scarf greeted him with a hug.

"Ebenezer," she chimed. "How very lovely to see you. Come on, they won't wait long." And with that, she grasped Ebenezer's hand and he found himself transported through the night sky. Although he was wearing only his stripy pajamas, he felt no cold.

"Who are you? Where are you taking me? I must be dreaming."

The young woman just beamed at him and said, "I am the ghost of climate change past. We are going to your childhood home."

No sooner had she spoken, then Ebenezer saw a beautiful park appear before him, and he heard the happy sounds of children skating on a pond in the distance. "Why - it's High Park! We used to skate here every Saturday as children. I was such a fast skater; I even thought one day I might play for the Toronto Maple Leafs!" Ebenezer grinned at the memory. "That would be a great idea for a publicity stunt, Phil Kessel and me together on the ice.... It's really too bad that pond never freezes these days."

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