Guest Post - Ellis Jones

by: Heather on 08/28/2007

Today we have a guest post, this time from Ellis Jones, author of The Better World Shopping Guide and co-author of The Better World Handbook. The The Better World Shopping Guide contains over 5 years of comprehensive research distilled into a pocket-sized, shopping-friendly format, ranking every products from A to F, and is supported by a website which maintains current ranking information. Thanks Ellis!

Hello Readers!

I just thought I'd give you an update on some of the latest happenings with the company rankings in The Better World Shopping Guide through this blog.


On the website ( there are now 5 product categories under the Research link where you can take a peek behind the rankings to see the actual data used to rate each company, including Audio Equipment, Baby Care, Chocolate, Dairy Products, and Energy Bars. In Audio Equipment, you'll notice that Apple has slipped from A- to B+ due mainly to the results of a major Greenpeace research effort on toxic plastics and recycling efforts. Nestle recently bought out Gerber, the famous baby food maker, bringing that company to the bottom of the barrel.

In the category of chocolate, we welcome Divine Chocolate, a fair trade, farmer-owned cooperative that enters the fray with a solid A for their excellent work. The main change in the dairy category is the long overdue reckoning of Horizon Organic with the questionable practices that led the Organic Consumers Association to launch a major national boycott; consequently, they fall all the way to a B-, the bottom of all organic dairy options. Make sure and check out, the new, more readable formate being used for the detailed data charts.

That's it for now.

Keep your questions, comments, and suggestions coming!

Dr. Jones


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