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by: Heather on 11/14/2007
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The last week or so has been exceptionally quiet at New Society's offices. 4 of our staff went to San Francisco to exhibit at the Green Festival, and 2 more of us set off to Greenbuild in Chicago. I was part of the Chicago contingent, and we had a fantastic time. We heard estimates as high as 40,000 attendees (although official totals are nowhere to be found).

We have been exhibiting at both shows for a number of years, and it's been amazing to see the growth. There's no doubt that green is more "in" than it's ever been. And it's always great for us to get out there and see how well our books are received. We always come back full of optimism and fresh energy (despite the unavoidable exhaustion and jet lag...).

The 58,000 gallon bunker oil spill in San Francisco Bay underlined the need for more sustainable practices. Bitter irony.

Another bitter irony is that as green becomes more mainstream, more and more promotional junk is showing up at some of the shows. It's so disappointing to walk the aisles and see piles and piles of giveaway plastic swag that will end up in landfills. Greenbuild featured frisbees and slinkys and plastic 5 minute shower timers and "blinky-bling" (a vast array of light up pins and doodaws), and that was just in the aisle nearest our booth. We got pens that were "80% compostable". Which 80%? And what do you do with the other 20%? Doesn't anyone see the irony in marketing green products this way? Show organizers might want to start considering some guidelines for exhibitors in this area.

Anyways, this small rant aside, we're happy to be back having met lots of wonderful and inspiring people and connected with many of our favourite authors as well. We'd love to hear from anyone else who was at either show - post your comments below!


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