Blog Action Day 2008 - Take Action on Poverty!

by: Heather on 10/15/2008
Posted in: Activism

This year Blog Action Day is taking aim at poverty. Last year's Blog Action Day focused on the environment and nearly 16,000 blogs participated.

To get you thinking about poverty and the disproportionate allocation of wealth on a global level, here's a Youtube video of a spoken word performance by poet Rodney Paradox, called "The Matrix". It's a very unique and outstanding piece of work. Check it out!

From the video:


How can a market be free
When members of the same family
The same ancient conspiracy
Get to print our money
Lend it to our governments
And charge us a usury
It's an unusually cunning plan
This money for old rope
Bankers getting richer
While whole countries go broke
Entire populations held in a chokehold of poverty
Reduced to criminality
Getting used to ratrace banality
And paying taxes
So governments can pay back
This Axis of Evil
Through their tactical patsies
The Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England the Bank of France, the Bank of Germany, the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, and the World Bank see...
All privately controlled companies
The directors of which are so rich
They're richer than most countries
And make Bill Gates look like a country bumpkin...


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