Green Boating book and award

by: Heather on 01/21/2008
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Green boating has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Environmentally sound boating practices are critical in order to protect our waters from pollution and degradation. Just off press, Clyde W. Ford's Boat Green: 50 Steps Boaters Can Take to Save our Waters, shows recreational boaters how to reduce vessel operation and maintenance costs while improving health, safety and vessel performance and increasing awareness of marine issues and enjoyment of the marine environment.

By a happy co-incidence, the release of Boat Green coincides with the Georgia Strait Alliance being honoured by the Canadian Safe Boating Council with the "Safeguarding the Environment" award. This award was accepted on behalf of the GSA by Mike Richards (partner of New Society Publishers' own EJ Hurst). In April Mike will also be receiving Yachtsman's Spring Thaw national environmental award presented to a person who is key to advancing marine environmental issues. Congratulations Mike!

Do you boat? What sort of steps do you take to protect the waters? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

Boat Green


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