Israel oil-free by 2010

by: Heather on 02/05/2008

Renewable Energy Access featured a story last week on Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place's plan to make Israel oil-free by 2010.

Too good to be true? Maybe not.

The plan is based on a implementing a country-wide electric car infrastructure which will include 500,000 re-charging facilities across the country.

From the REA story:

"...this group has a better chance than most to actually succeed. It's got the backing of a major auto manufacturer ready to build dedicated vehicles, local oil refining interests are financially invested, the project developers are smart as hell and have more money than God, and it's all facilitated by a government that sees the issue as a real national security issue. Plus, Israel is perfect for electric cars. I mean really-how far can you go, even if you wanted to?"

What do you think - exciting and real possibility and beacon of hope, or sheer environmental fantasy? Tell us why in the comments below.


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