Learning Without Limits

by: Heather on 08/27/2008
Posted in: Education

Scotland's national home education support organization, Schoolhouse, is hosting Learning Without Limits, an international conference to celebrate choice, diversity and freedom in education. John Taylor Gatto, author of the upcoming Weapons of Mass Instruction and the bestselling classic Dumbing us Down will deliver the keynote address. The conference will be held from Friday September 12th - Sunday September 14th, 2008 in Arbroath, Scotland, home of the Declaration of Arbroath which famously asserted the sovereignty of the Scottish people and is also said to have influenced the drafting of the US Constitution.

The conference will present a unique opportunity for professionals in the public, private and voluntary sectors to engage in discussion and debate with parents and young people as 'consumers' of education services. It is aimed at all those with an interest in educational rights and freedoms, including policy makers, formal and informal educators, youth and community workers, children's reporters, representatives from children's and family support organisations, parents, academics, researchers and learners aged 12 and over.



Weapons of Mass Instruction


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