Praise for Becoming the Kind Father

by: Heather on 01/07/2008
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Calvin Sandborn's Becoming the Kind Father continues to receive a great deal of positive attention in the media. This book traces the journey from being the man that society expects you to be, cut off from your feelings and out of touch with your inner life, to being a "kind father" - a man whose power is based in healing, love, acceptance and forgiveness.

San Diego Union-Tribune
"Becoming the Kind Father: A Son's Journey is a warm and touching guide for any man who, like author Calvin Sandborn, grew up with a harsh father. Sandborn tells how he finally faced himself, what he had become and how he became the person he wanted to be for his children."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"In Becoming the Kind Father, Sandborn reveals how he managed to rid himself of the harsh father's voice and create an inner image and voice of a kind father. Through flashbacks to his boyhood, self-examination and psychological data, he shows emotionally distant dads a way to connect with themselves, their children and others."

National Public Radio, New Mexico (Host Diego Mulligan)

"I wish that every man could read this book."

Sacramento Bee

"The book is an effort to help men identify the roots of their feelings and deal with them."

Spokane Spokesman-Review

"Sandborn, a lawyer and law professor at the University of Victoria, takes a look at his evolution from being the son of an abusive drunk to a man trying to overcome his painful childhood memories and discover his own feelings. Robert Bly would be proud."

Chico Enterprise-Record

"It's meeting a need for men trapped in a system of patriarchal expectations...Chapters in the book deal with the problem of chronic anger and how to forgive oneself. Mixing insights from group therapy, Christianity, Buddhism, Greek myth, anger research and his own experiences, Sandborn comes to understand his father, someone who had no one to tell him the good things about himself."

CBC Radio (National) -- Sounds Like Canada

"Calvin Sandborn grew up listening to the critical, angry voice of his father. He internalized this way of looking at the world and became an angry man himself. But to save his health and his relationships he decided to change and he rewrote the father/son script that was playing out in his head. He's written about this change in Becoming the Kind Father: A Son's Journey."

Becoming the Kind Father


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