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by: Heather on 10/14/2008
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Last week we received this e-mail from Kathryn from Indianapolis, and since it made us feel all warm and fuzzy, we asked her permission to share it on the blog. Thanks Kathryn!

My husband and I share a love of books. New and used, we have quite a library.

In the past several months I have had occasion to read 4 books published by New Society and have purchased several more that should keep me out of trouble for the next month or so. I have yet to read a New Society book that isn't a bundle of well thought out, well-written information. I find myself frequently faced with a sea of titles on any given topic. Over the years I have found that certain publishers do a much better job of selecting the books they publish. Using that knowledge I filter through titles narrowing the list that I choose from. I am quite happy to add New Society to my short "A-list" of publishers.

Today I'm quite enjoying Food Security for the Faint of Heart by Robin Wheeler. I'm an organic gardener and have read several books on food security but most could be boiled down to 'buy a wheat grinder, buy wheat, store for a year, eat what you store'. Dry, dry, dry. I have read the first 40 pages or so of this title and feel like Robin is sitting in my dining room sharing here experience and knowledge along with a pot of tea. What do I like most about it? It is a book on a serious subject presented in a gentle, friendly manner. It is written so that anyone with any background can enjoy it and learn from it. It isn't even remotely intimidating. This book needs to be in everyone's home and available on every public library shelf.

It has been a pleasure to read the books your publish.



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And if you want to see more about Food Security for the Faint of Heart click here or on the book cover below!


Food Security for the Faint of Heart


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