Recipe Post - Mint Pea Lime Soup

by: Heather on 06/24/2008
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Now that it's summer (sort of) and fresh, local produce is available, here's a wonderful vegetarian recipe from ExtraVeganZa by Laura Matthias for Mint Pea Lime Soup. It's fabulous!

Mint Pea Lime Soup

This elegant, zesty green soup has a stunningly bright color and a unique minty flavor that intrigues most every palate. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron and protein. Using fresh peas and mint from the garden makes for an unrivalled fresh and flavorful soup.

  • 3 tbsp olive oil (45 ml)

  • 3 cups yellow onion, diced (750 ml)

  • 3 cloves garlic, diced (3)

  • 3 cups peas, fresh or frozen (750 ml)

  • 1 bunch fresh spinach, stems removed (1)

  • 1 tbsp coarse sea salt (15 ml)

  • 4 cups water (1,000 ml)

  • 10 sprigs fresh mint (10)

  • juice of 1 lime

    In a medium saucepan, sauté the onion and garlic in the oil on medium heat. Stir in the peas, spinach and salt, and continue stirring for another minute. Add the water and simmer for several minutes, until the peas turn a bright green. Be careful not to overcook! Remove from heat and place half of the soup in a blender with 5 sprigs of mint. Blend until a creamy consistency is achieved. Blend the remaining half of the soup with the remaining mint until creamy. Combine the two batches then stir in the fresh lime juice and serve hot. Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint.

    Serves 4.

    For more excellent vegetarian recipes with a focus on eating locally and sustainably, check out ExtraVeganZa today!




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