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by: Heather on 03/17/2008
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Via Dan Chiras, author of The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy and EcoKids, and co-author of The Natural Plaster Book and Superbia!:

On May 4, 2007, one of the most powerful tornados ever witnessed in the United States leveled the town of Greensburg, a small community in western Kansas and home to 1,000 people. The nearly two-mile wide tornado killed 10 residents and destroyed 95% of the town's buildings. Homes, businesses, schools, and churches were leveled by the fierce intruder.

Soon after the tragedy, the town's citizens rallied behind a new idea: to rebuild the town green, creating the nation's first model green community. Their vision of the new Greensburg calls for a town powered by abundant renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy. They envision super energy-efficient green-built homes, offices, churches and schools made from healthy, environmentally friendly materials.

Out of tragedy, the town could become a vital example of the kind of nationwide - indeed global -- effort needed to combat climate change, rising fossil fuel prices, and other critical problems facing the world today. This project is being filmed as part of a 13-part series called EcoTown, which will be aired starting in June, 2008 on the PlanetGreen Channel (owned by the Discovery Channel).

To help raise funds for support this work, students of The Green Club, EverGreen Design-Build Partnership, and Greensburg GreenTown announce a new fund-raising effort small change for BIG CHANGE. We're asking individuals who are interested in helping us to contribute their spare change to help rebuild Greensburg. You contributions can be earmarked for:

  • The Green Club - a student program to exchange ordinary light bulbs for compact fluorescents
  • Greensburg GreenTown, Chiras Team - to support construction of two model homes that will serve as ecolodging for visitors who come to watch miracles happen and learn about green build
  • Greensburg GreenTown, General Fund to support work of this nonprofit group that has taken a lead in rebuilding Greensburg

Take your spare change to the bank each month and cash it in. You can send a check to:

Director, Daniel Wallach
Greensburg GreenTown
900 Kansas Ave, Greensburg, Kansas 67054
(620) 549-3752 or (620) 723-2790


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